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Why should you use a good shaving brush?

A shaving brush is the ideal tool for lathering up shaving soap properly. A high-quality brush absorbs just the right amount of water to create a firm lather that is easy to apply. The bristles optimally align the beard hairs and distribute the lather evenly for a smooth shave. In addition, the circular movements of the brush stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells, which is equivalent to a facial scrub. The intensity of this effect depends on the quality of the hair used in the brush.

The advantages of a badger hair shaving brush

A shaving brush made from badger hair offers several advantages over synthetic brushes. Badger hair is particularly soft and delicate, which results in a pleasant and gentle application of shaving soap. Badger hair also absorbs water very well, resulting in a thick and rich lather. This allows the beard hairs to be optimally raised and evenly covered with lather, resulting in an effective and close shave.

In comparison, synthetic brushes can also produce a good lather, but they are often not as soft and comfortable on the skin as badger hair. In addition, badger hair can also help to reduce skin irritation and make shaving more comfortable overall due to its ability to absorb water. Therefore, a badger hair shaving brush can be a good investment if you are looking for a high-quality and effective shaving brush.

Artificial badger hair 

Nyldachs is just as soft as the finest premium silvertip, lathers similarly well and looks almost exactly like premium silvertip. In addition, Nyldachs is insensitive to soap residue, which can affect natural badger hair after about 6 weeks if the brush is not cleaned sufficiently. Another advantage of artificial badger hair is that it can withstand disinfectants such as pure alcohol or other disinfectants and can even be sterilized in boiling water without being damaged.

However, when wet, artificial badger hair does not become more elastic like real badger hair, but retains its firmness. As a result, the pressure of the artificial nyld badger hair on the skin can be felt more intensely than with real badger hair shaving brushes.


The right beard comb

Proper care of your beard is essential to maintain a well-groomed appearance. The use of a high-quality beard comb plays a crucial role in this. A beard is often an important part of a man's identity, whether it's a full beard or a small accent on the face. An unkempt beard can quickly look messy, so grooming your beard is just as important as grooming your head of hair or your face.

A beard comb is specially designed for styling and grooming your beard. Unlike normal combs, it is more robust and ideal for removing tangles, dirt and dander. Regular combing also promotes the growth of the beard and allows the beard to be shaped as desired.

There are different types of beard combs, including wooden, plastic, horn and stainless steel combs. Different materials can be chosen depending on your needs and preferences. A high-quality beard comb is more durable and gentler on the beard than a cheap plastic comb. In addition, the size of the comb should be chosen according to your own beard care routine, whether normal, practical for on the go or foldable.

Invest in a high-quality beard comb to optimally care for your beard and give it a well-groomed appearance. Your beard will thank you for it and your overall appearance will be improved.

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