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Bavarian or Hungarian beard wax 

Want to skillfully style and shape your moustache? A high-quality beard wax is essential for this. It helps you to tame even unruly beard hairs and give your moustache a charming look. Whether you prefer a strong or medium hold, Hungarian or Bavarian beard wax - we have the ideal product to twirl your moustache and make it an eye-catcher.

Styling or care with beard wax

The aim of Bavarian beard wax is to provide a styling product for grooming and shaping facial hair. In contrast to beard oil, it is specially designed for twirling the  moustache. By using it, you will quickly find out which product best suits your individual style. In addition to the Bavarian beard oil, you can also try the Hungarian beard oil to find your own style. It is important to practice regularly to master the technique.

How do I apply it?

Beard wax is always applied according to the same principle. Take the required amount from the tube and spread it evenly over the beard by working it in with your hands. It's important to do this quickly and swiftly, as Bavarian beard wax hardens quickly. Remember that beard wax is used to style and shape certain areas of the beard, not the whole beard - you don't want a beard that looks as stiff as a board, do you? It is difficult to correct the shape after applying Bavarian beard wax.  

What does Bavarian beard wax consist of?

The main ingredients of Bavarian beard wax are beeswax, Vaseline and gum arabic. This combination ensures that the beard wax hardens quickly, making it ideal for shaping goatees or moustaches. Gum arabic gives the product a strong hold, while the fragrances it contains provide a pleasant scent. This is particularly important as the beard lies directly under the nose.

Gum arabic is the oldest type of gum in the world and is mainly obtained from the gum sap of African acacia trees. This natural rubber has a wide range of quality characteristics and is used in various products for different purposes.

Hungarian beard wax

When using Hungarian beard wax, it is also important to consider what effect you want to achieve with your facial hair. Both Bavarian and Hungarian beard wax are styling products, similar to beard oil, but with a stronger hold;

For the wearer of a moustache, especially with longer beards, the Hungarian beard wax may not be the ideal choice. And Bavarian beard wax may be more suitable. It is important to try out the different products, as personal preference is crucial. If the Hungarian beard wax does not achieve the desired effect, you can also switch to other products. Regular practice is also crucial here in order to perfect the technique, as practice makes perfect.

What is in Hungarian beard wax?

Hungarian beard wax mainly contains fats such as Vaseline and beeswax, which provide the necessary firmness and at the same time moisturize without using chemical or alcoholic additives. In contrast to Bavarian beard wax, which also contains gum arabic, Hungarian beard wax does not contain this ingredient at all.

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