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Mademen Cosmetic

Scalp Care with Aloe Verra

Scalp Care with Aloe Verra

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Scalp Care is a specialized product designed to nourish and protect your scalp, leaving it feeling soft and clean. Its blend of essential oils and vitamins help to condition the scalp and reduce itching and irritations. Scalp Care is the perfect choice for protecting your scalp and keeping it healthy.

MADEMEN Scalp Care provides high protection against sunburn and premature skin aging. Natural aloe vera gel (over 50%) and a high sun protection factor protect against UVA and UVB rays.

The high content of aloe vera gel supports the skin's defense system and helps it to regenerate. Redness and irritation quickly subside, and moisture loss is compensated. It can be used as a preventive for sun allergy. Also applicable to children.

Application: Apply well to the skin 30 minutes before sun exposure. Regularly re-cream the skin to maintain the protective effect. Important: Sunscreens are not licensed for long sunbathing. Sunburn should always be avoided. Sensible exposure to the sun is the best protection.

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